Why Nview?

Nview Health / Why Nview?

Value-based care requires treatment of the whole person: to screen for, diagnose and provide behavioral healthcare solutions.

Our Value Proposition

For many healthcare providers, the ability to deliver value-based care has been hampered by the lack of clinically reliable and easily accessible screening and diagnostic tools that cover a broad spectrum of behavioral disorders. Their inability to adequately track patient outcomes has also led to poor follow-up
and coordination of services.

Nview Health has changed that dynamic, in two ways:

  • Our diagnostic disciplines — including the M.I.N.I interviews and Sheehan Scales — provide the most reliable and widely accepted clinical protocols available.
  • Our suite of tools provides healthcare providers with the online platform and ease of use necessary to unlock and apply the potential of these diagnostic disciplines.

This new capability enables physicians to:

  1. Meet or exceed the quality standards recommended by professional organizations and regulatory agencies.
  2. Reduce the overall cost of care by providing early and accurate diagnosis, as well as continued attention to patient outcomes.
  3. Enable physicians to receive adequate compensation for services under existing payment models.
  4. Foster physician success within the rapidly emerging value-based, at-risk payment models.

In short, Nview’s value proposition represents a win-win for patients and providers alike: access to care required for treatment of the whole person. And that’s how we’re changing the landscape of behavioral healthcare.

“The M.I.N.I. appears to be an ideal measure for minimizing missed diagnoses and misdiagnoses.”
“With high prevalence rates and poor detection, there is an obvious need to enhance diagnostic screening in the primary care setting.”