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We invite you to learn more: as a healthcare professional, as a business partner, or as an investor in Nview Health.

For Healthcare Professionals

We welcome inquiries from healthcare professionals and institutions seeking to learn how Nview can bring the next generation of behavioral health services to your patients and your practice.

For Clinical Research
and Academic Professionals

We welcome inquiries from academics and research professionals regarding existing programs and de novo research opportunities. Your inquiry will be sent directly to Dr. David V. Sheehan, M.D., MBA, DLFAPA. *

Become an Nview Partner

We welcome inquiries from agents and re-sellers of healthcare services organizations serving the clinical and practice management needs of healthcare providers and organizations.

Become an Nview Investor

We welcome inquiries from individual investors and private equity firms interested in exploring investment-related opportunities, as Nview Health continues to grow.

  • Help us connect you with the appropriate member of our leadership team.

* For licensing or permissions to use the paper or PDF versions of Dr. Sheehan’s M.I.N.I.’s or rating scales, contact him directly at For licensing or permissions to use any computerized or mobile device versions and applications, contact Nview directly at

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